racoon and the box

Yesterday i saw the weirdest thing a racoon no ordinary racoon he was in a box. So let’s get on with the story.

“mum!”, i screamed.”what do you want”,she yelled back.

“can i go out side there is a racoon that is in a box on a chair”,i said. “OK”,she said. so i went out side and oped the box it jumped out of the box into the sky. a leaf hit it in the face and blocked its eyes wen it hit the ground it was running it hit the fens and stopped so i went back in side that’s the end.


2 thoughts on “racoon and the box

Hi Josh,

What a weird thing to happen indeed! I wonder if the mum really believed the boy and if she just said “yes” to keep him happy… Good job on integrating the prompt words this week. My wish for you is to try and leave on a more interesting note than “that’s the end” next time.


Hi Josh,

I like the way you used the given words in your story. Do you like raccoons? Have you got any pets?
Keep writing!
Best wishes,
Miss Milena

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